Foreign Currency and Stock Exchange Auctioning System

The system is intended for traders acting according to Foreign Currencies Exchange Rules of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus and particularly of Belarus currency-stock exchange JSC. The objective was to develop the program that implements the following functions: the operation in several trading modes (fixing, continuous double auction, negotiating deal and SWAPs); reporting results of trade sessions.

Actions Taken

BelHard was responsible for the following workflows of the system development:

  • Management of the project
  • Requirements gathering and Analysis
  • Architecture framework development and the final application design
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Documenting
  • Training of clients employees
  • Maintenance

The system is implemented in three-tier architecture: presentation, business logic and data processing tiers. The client interactions with the server part use HTTP protocol which enables the work on the Internet.

Results Achieved

Due to the special technical mechanisms of optimized data processing algorithms, using matrix multiplications we achieved almost instant update of the client data in the database during the auction session (rates, currency buy or sell offer requests, currency position, deals and resulting accounting operations management). It allowed us to get sufficient performance for all existing users of BSCE.

System Advantages

  • flexible management of auctioning participants and tuning of business rules particularly related to them
  • fast algorithm of “fixing”, double auctioning, negotiation deal and SWAP modes of trading
  • flexible tuning of business rules for different financial tools, different auction participants groups for different auction modes
  • the Application is adapted to the real transaction processing system of National Bank
  • payments clearing
  • localized auction process management
  • access control management
  • generation of reports and electronic documents with digital signature for document workflow system in various formats such as PDF, HTML, XML

The application is deployed and successfully used by Belarus currency-stock exchange JSC. BelHard Development provides the customer with the application support, maintenance, and ensures the sustainable operation for more than 7 years.



State supervision for telecommunication of the Republic of Belarus

Finance and accounting

HTTP protocol, JRE1.5.0 (Java), Oracle 9.2, Tomcat Application Server 5.5.4