Innovative software development with AI

The time has come for applications and services on neural networks!

AI (Artificial intelligence) is the ability of a computer to mimic the behavior of an intelligent person. Thanks to AI, computers can analyze images, understand speech, communicate naturally and make predictions, guided by the data.

We not only develop products on neural networks and machine learning, we advise businesses and areas outside the business on the application of machine learning.

AI software with image, image recognition functions.
We develop algorithms for selecting and classifying objects in photos and videos. Detectors operate at about 100 frames per second on a 640×480 video stream. Accuracy and completeness depend on the problem being solved and on the required speed of work.

AI software with semantic analysis functions, texts, meaning.
We have developed a technology for the classification of texts in natural language using neural networks.

Self-learning expert systems.
We are ready to develop SW libraries that allow you to build a neural network for your specific task, visualize its architecture, start training for this neural network and upload the trained network for use.

Deep leaning, machine learning solutions.
Deploy solutions easily with our help. The advanced capabilities of machine learning are available to you – create, train and deploy machine learning models, use the best tools and platforms, accelerate model development using automated machine learning.

The NDA does not allow disclosing all our achievements, but BelHard team has already created and implemented a smart answering machine, an expert system for legal analysis, BigData startup – a global coverage service, thanks to our contribution, breakthrough intelligent AIS for medicine and trade, ecology (wastewater treatment) and chemical research (spectral analysis of substances) have been launched.

Implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your organization! Embed revolutionary solutions in your applications!