Technology consulting

We formulate your needs

Technology consulting services offered by BelHard are based on deep knowledge of technologies and strategies. They involve all the technology aspects from the IT strategy development to the formulation of the solutions for optimizing IT infrastructure and applications.
After analyzing your requirements and needs, we correlate them to the technologies available at the market and formulate the desired result. In close collaboration with our clients we develop the strategy, estimate the required investments and expenses, carry out the economic analysis, and provide the recommendations.

What can we do for you?

We are ready to help you with finding solutions for various tasks that you can face in the process of developing or managing your company’s technical infrastructure, namely:

  • IT Infrastructure Audit
  • IT Strategy Development
  • Software Architecture Review and Planning
  • Security Consulting
  • Project Requirements Definition and Design
  • Information system security audit
  • Choice of Technology / Framework
  • Business Process Analysis and Formalization

BelHard technology consulting services are based both on deep expertise in technological requirements and a specific character of your business domain. Our team of professional architects, technical advisors and business analysts is ready to provide their consulting services at any time on demand.