What custom software development services do you offer?

If your company wants to customize the existing software or have a new solution, BelHard can offer the services on developing unique software products.

Our services include:

  • Enterprise solutions development
  • Mobile application development
  • Web development
  • Embedded systems
  • SaaS solutions development
  • Desktop application development
  • Software system prototyping

What domains do you have expertise in?

BelHard has deep expertise and profound knowledge in developing and supporting enterprise solutions in such domains as:

  • business process management
  • resource planning
  • customer relationship management
  • enterprise application integration
  • business intelligence
  • enterprise content management
  • collaboration
  • payment and billing systems

What mobile development services do you provide?

Our range of services is wide. We can:

  • develop cross-platform mobile applications at the shortest possible time
  • solve the problem of compatibility with different mobile operation systems
  • make your business application available on smartphones and tablets
  • test your mobile application on different mobile devices

What are the benefits of cooperating with BelHard?

  • Excellent Quality
  • Deep expertise in various domains of business/technology
  • An outstanding track record of successfully accomplished projects
  • Dedicated development teams of experts / analysts / architects/ PMs and developers
  • Most effective and flexible combination of onshore, near shore and offshore outsourcing models
  • Scalability of HR skills and ability to grow if needed
  • Reasonable cost for your operational cost savings can be up to 60% on software development costs
  • First-hand references
  • Profound language skills (English, German, Russian)

Who are your potential clients?

Since the range of services offered by BelHard and its expertise in various domains are wide, our potential clients can be practically all types of businesses (small, medium and large), financial companies, technological companies, start-ups, banks, governmental agencies, telecommunication companies, etc.

When does a company need your services?

You need our services if you want to reduce your operational costs, you lack the required experience and specialists and you want to focus on your main sphere of business.

What is an offshore/near shore development center?

Offshore development center is an advanced business model for organizations who would like to save resources through offshore outsourcing. It allows extending the existing software development teams without investing too much time and money or creating completely new teams of specialists for executing the given project. Read more about the main types of offshore/near shore development centers here

What are possible ways of cooperation with BelHard?

Depending on the type of the project, your requirements and needs, we can offer three types of cooperation:

  • Fixed price: we agree on the cost and duration of the project in advance and BelHard bears all the development risks.
  • Time & materials: the cost of the project is calculated in actual man hours and, if necessary, may be changed.
  • Dedicated team: we create an individual professional team for you with the required qualification and you take complete control over the project and budget.

How can I choose what exactly I need?

If you are not sure what solution is the best for you, contact our experts and they will help you in analyzing your business requirements and needs and turning them into technical specification for your software.

How to start with BelHard?

If you have an idea about your future product but don’t know how to start its realization, contact our specialists and they’ll guide you through the whole process.

What technologies do you apply?

We use only advanced technologies for developing our projects. It lets us provide high quality products to our clients within the shortest time and with due consideration of their needs and requirements. Learn more about the technologies in relation to different services provided.

How does BelHard care about quality?

Quality management at BelHard is not only a set of practices and principles. It’s our general management philosophy. By focusing on innovative technologies and business strategies, we strive to make our services attractive to potential clients. Read more about our quality management system and its basic principles.

Why should we choose BelHard?

  • Thanks to our deep expertise in software prototyping, we deliver a high-quality prototype that can be changed and modified in the process of development.
  • We let you save your money by reducing the development costs.
  • Our skillful developers with vast expertise in specific domains are at your disposal immediately.
  • We offer our clients confidentiality and security in the process of development

Can I have advanced estimation of my project without signing a contract?

You can get a free quote of your project before signing any agreement. Make use of our online form and send it for evaluation. Although the final cost of the project depends on many factors, we will be provided rough estimation of the project scope and cost.

Can I track the progress of my project?

Our business processes are based on the principle of complete transparency. BelHard team will keep you informed about the progress of the project through reports and regular meetings. Thanks to a very convenient location, on request our technical specialists can come to your place to accelerate the project and assist your in-house team.

How can I get in touch with BelHard?

You can select the most convenient way of communicating with us here .

How do you ensure security and privacy of the received data?

By signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) at the very beginning of our cooperation we ensure the safety of all the delivered information. We keep all project information strictly confidential.

What languages do your specialists speak?

We communicate with our clients in English, German, and Russian since practically all our employees have excellent communication skills.

How can I benefit from becoming BelHard partner?

BelHard has several programs for partnership which can be beneficial since you will be able to:

  • Reduce production costs by 30%
  • Access a wider range of services and resources
  • Expand your team in case of necessity without additional expenses
  • Increase your customers’ satisfaction
  • Increase your competitive advantage and profitability
  • Enter new markets

How can I become BelHard partner?

Have a look at our programs for partnership and contact our specialists for additional information.

How can I apply for a position with BelHard?

If you would like to become a member of BelHard team and interested in our proposal, contact us at http://www.job.belhard.com/. Our HR manager will contact you within two business days and ask for an interview.