Cooperation models

BelHard suggests a wide range of collaboration patterns you can select from. Partnership with our company opens varied opportunities for our partners – business growth, new product lines development, cost-cutting, etc.

We offer several flexible partnership programs depending on your wish to attract your own resources and time.

Outsourcing partnership program

This program is suitable for IT and software development companies whose own resources and competence are not enough to realize particular projects. Investing resources and money into new technologies and tools can have negative influence on the efficiency in delivering your main services and products, thus, this type of cooperation can be beneficial. BelHard can assist you in realizing such projects.


  • Reducing production costs by 30%
  • Access to a wider range of services and resources
  • Scalability in case of necessity without additional expenses
  • Increasing your customer’s satisfaction
  • Increasing your competitive advantage and profitability
  • Entering new markets

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Become our authorized / official representative

BelHard delivers high-quality services and solutions at a reasonable cost, thus reselling our services can be very profitable for you. Find companies that are interested in our services and forward their contacts to our specialists. We will contact the client and clarify the project details. In case of signing an agreement, you get your commission!


  • You become our authorized representative in your country
  • No money investments to start a business
  • No restrictions to working hours
  • No IT experience or expertise is needed
  • Good commissions in case of signing an agreement
  • 24/7 support from BelHard

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Enter new markets with your brand

If you are planning to enter a new market with your own brand and you understand the benefits of offshore software development – this is for you! Develop your project with BelHard.


  • Efficiency and High Return on Investment
    We strive to provide high quality products and services by complying with the latest industry standards and well-organized software development processes. Partnership with BelHard increases your chances on the market and helps in gaining a new competitive advantage in our tough modern business world.
  • Access to BelHard’s expertise and resources
    Becoming a partner of our company, you get unlimited access to our resources, expertise, innovative technologies and best practices in software development.

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