Cloud migration and cloud consulting services

At present most businesses are no longer satisfied with average business applications for the company’s needs. If you want to be competitive, you have to adapt quickly to new tendencies in the market. It requires deep understanding and modeling the main elements that rule the business as a whole.
At BelHard we hold to the opinion that the proper analysis is a key factor to a successful project. Taking into account the increasing demand in analysis activities, BelHard offers a broad range of business analysis & consulting services:

  • Enterprise Analysis
  • Software Requirements Engineering
  • Reverse-engineering of Software Requirements
  • Supervision of Analysis Activities
  • External Audit
  • Analyst Mentoring, Training and Coaching
  • Pre-screening of Analyst Job Applicants

BelHard analysts represent a team of highly professional employees with deep expertise in the given domain and the advanced business analysis techniques. The combination of their experience and knowledge lets BelHard stand out among other competitors.

Having excellent infrastructure facilities, we are ready to deliver our business analysis and consulting services on time and within the approved budget.


Nowadays cloud computing is considered as a new tendency in modern information world. Cloud computing ensures a wide range of ways for companies to increase their IT efficiency or functionality without adding infrastructure, personnel, and software. But does your company really need it?

Who may need it?

  • ISV that want to convert from Web to SaaS or from private SaaS to PaaS
  • Startups that have ambitions but do not have money for infrastructure and support
  • Software houses that have cloud projects, but do not have expertise and resources
  • Company with need of seasonal or temporary use of applications that may be in need of extra computing capacity on seasonal basis.

Advantages of using cloud technology for your business:

  • No additional expenses on hardware, software, and services
  • Easy and immediate access to numerous applications and shared infrastructure
  • Shorter development period and quicker product launch
  • Agile and scalable architecture on significantly lower costs
  • Lower management overheads

BelHard provides great opportunities for your company to take advantages of cloud computing:

  • Consulting: analyzing business case, evaluating cloud readiness, considering pros and cons, calculating expenses, selecting the most suitable solution and provider
  • Migration: secure migration of the company’s infrastructure onto cloud platforms
  • Development: developing individual and public clouds, infrastructure and applications
  • Integration: infrastructure integration, cross cloud integration
  • Maintenance: cloud infrastructure support, improvement, and optimization

BelHard is ready to offer its clients business-oriented cloud solutions:

  • Infrastructure for developing software projects. BelHard offers an optimized cloud-based infrastructure solution which ensures effective and optimized software project development
  • Safe and reliable access to private resources. BelHard grant safe and reliable access channels based on SaaS clouds without additional setup or installation

Types of cloud computing:

  • Web-based cloud services allow businesses to make use of certain web service functionality instead of using fully developed applications
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) means providing a certain application to numerous users, as a rule, via the browser. SaaS solutions are frequent in human recourses, sales, and ERP
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) presupposes running your own applications on the cloud provider’s infrastructure
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) means using the service provider’s infrastructure for performing various business operations and running applications

Cloud services:

  • Consulting and investigate – understand needs – calculate costs – compare to value – offer development services
  • Custom development on IaaS clouds Amazon, Rackspace, Azure and other
  • Custom development on PaaS clouds Amazon, GAE, Azure, Force and other
  • Cross-cloud development cross-cloud API to avoid vendor lock-in
  • Conversion to IaaS, PaaS clouds makes apps capable to work on IaaS, PaaS
  • Development of custom IaaS, PaaS, SaaS

BelHard applies its knowledge and expertise in software engineering to the sphere of cloud computing, and ensures the development of effective and high quality solutions for public or private clouds.