Business analysis & consulting

At present most businesses are no longer satisfied with average business applications for the company’s needs. If you want to be competitive, you have to adapt quickly to new tendencies in the market. It requires deep understanding and modeling the main elements that rule the business as a whole.

At BelHard we hold to the opinion that the proper analysis is a key factor to a successful project. Taking into account the increasing demand in analysis activities, BelHard offers a broad range of business analysis & consulting services:

  • Enterprise Analysis
  • Software Requirements Engineering
  • Reverse-engineering of Software Requirements
  • Supervision of Analysis Activities
  • External Audit
  • Analyst Mentoring, Training and Coaching
  • Pre-screening of Analyst Job Applicants

BelHard analysts represent a team of highly professional employees with deep expertise in the given domain and the advanced business analysis techniques. The combination of their experience and knowledge lets BelHard stand out among other competitors.

Having excellent infrastructure facilities, we are ready to deliver our business analysis and consulting services on time and within the approved budget.