Mobile organizer «RewardsWide»

BelHard Mobile Systems Development offers a new ready-made solution – mobile organizer RewardsWide.

First of all, we would like to highlight a uniqueness of the project that has been developed for an Irish company decided to turn their startup idea into reality and bring their own view on how it can be possible to use technologies for combining education, spirit of competition, self-challenging and team building all together.

The key features and general concept

*RewardsWide! is a multidisciplinary app module allowed to motivate , incentivise, and reward any member of your team, your family or yourself by creating a task, aim, challenge to get the points and get rewarded upon competition.
*RewardsWide helps Parents motivate, incentivize, and reward children to participate, engage, and learn on a continual basis while earning points and claiming awards along the way.
*RewardsWide engages kids on a one to one or one to many basis. It helps in encouraging positive family dynamics by involving all family members in deciding on assignments and equitable incentives and rewards.
*RewardsWide allows to set your coworkers goals and targets, then assign them to your group members. The app is easy to set up and affective for team building, that’s a perfect way to create the vibes and get your employees motivated by getting the points and rewards.
*RewardsWide is absolutely unique app giving a push and a high motivation to everyone whatever the ages and location. You can also challenge yourself setting a goal or task RW@Me always gives a room for imagination and also RW members can challenge other members.
*RewardsWide makes it easy to claim your incentives or rewards and deduct them from your points bank automatically.

Also it`s important to highlight that RewardsWide application is available to be installed in Russian speaking countries including Belarus what gives a perfect opportunity to improve English skills complementing the tasks testing yourself and people who are going to be involved into the challenges of the common interests.

Technologies : Java EE, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Maven, JPA, REST, JDBC
Frameworks : Spring MVC, Hibernate, JUnit, JSP
UI : JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, Html, JSP, JSTL
Application Servers : Apache Tomcat 7
Operating Systems : Ubuntu server
Version Control Systems : Git
Project Management Tools: Jira, Confluence
Software methodologies: Agile, Scrum
Technologies : Java, Kotlin
Architecture: MVP
Used in project: Retrofit, Gson, Realm, Glide, Lambda Expressions, DI, ButterKnife, Android Annotations, FCM for Push notifications
Monitoring & analytics: Fabric
Other: Google & Facebook auth integration
Technologies : Swift
Architecture: MVC
UI:storyboards & autolayout
DB CoreData
Used in project: Alamofire, FCM for Push notifications
Monitoring & analytics: Fabric

Other: Google & Facebook auth integration