Offshore/Near shore Development Centers

Do you want to save time and money and at the same time get a high quality product? Offshore development center is an advanced business model for organizations that would like to save resources through offshore outsourcing. It allows extending the existing software development teams without investing too much time and money or creating completely new teams of specialists for executing the given project.

Main types of Offshore/Near shore Development Center services:

  • Product development centre (Build-Operate): BelHard will undertake the whole set of services on software development and maintenance. No necessity in in-house development teams.
  • Extending your in-house development teams gives you more flexibility in hiring highly professional specialists on a temporary basis.
  • Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT): BelHard will create a development team and arrange the whole process of software development and maintenance ready-to-operate. As a result, you will get at your disposal a fully functional in-house development team.

Hiring BelHard Offshore Dedicated Team you get immense benefits, including:

  • access to an easily manageable team of highly motivated certified professionals
  • wide range of proven services and technologies
  • reduction of development costs up to 50% compared to onsite teams and traditional outsourcing
  • single focus on your core needs and requirements
  • easy communication and ability to adjust team’s business hours to your time zone
  • direct control over the process and resources: customized reports, workload time and progress tracking
  • ready to use infrastructure – office space, hardware, software, and communication facilities
  • cultural similarity and team members speaking the same language with you

Come to us even if you have only an idea! Our specialists will help you turn your ideas into high quality material products and benefit from our cooperation!

We’ll try to understand you and your needs and offer the most effective solution! You will get what you are looking for!