"Ophthalmos" software platform for smart video surveillance

Intelligent high-precision surveillance is already available with our solution!
We at BelHard have prepared the “Ophtholmos” v. 5.2 platform, having worked closely on the problem of frequent false alarms, we were able to optimize the video surveillance process. Our development is full-featured software that is able to analyze the data received from cameras without direct human intervention, automatically, in real time, to fix those or other events and notify about their occurrence.

It is worth noting that the capabilities of the system “Ophthalmos” v. 5.2 is much more extensive and customer-friendly than the capabilities of a conventional video surveillance system, namely our innovations to increase the usefulness:

  • Powerful and accurate recognition system -
    Motion recognition,
    Detection of different objects (person, car, etc.),
    Face Recognition,
    License plate recognition,
    Smoke and fire detection.
  • System modularity –
    Allows you to quickly connect or disconnect additional modules
    Retraining of neural networks individually for each camera, depending on the conditions, the shooting angle and distance to objects.
    If necessary, the system can be integrated with third-party programs and systems for further data analytics and ACS, for example, opening of the barrier when recognizing the number, on/off light when detecting a person in the warehouse.

The software platform is constantly evolving and this is only a small part of its capabilities. And the most important feature of the system we can safely include the ability to implement a specific function for a particular customer.

The system performs continuous recording and alarm framing, can be promptly deployed on local as well as territorially distributed objects (office, transport, garage, entertainment and shopping facilities, home sector).