Information Portal for Registering National Internet Segment Providers` Networks, Systems, Resources and FOCL (fiber optic communication lines)

The system is intended for the information interaction between communication providers and the customer’s data processing center for registering the information about Internet resources, channels and corresponding technical tools defined in Decree # 60 of the Republic of Belarus.

The system allows applicants to enter data, validate it at the server side, sign it with the digital signature and store it in the Portal database for further analysis by the authorized users from government regulatory bodies. To prevent conflicts between applicants and the customer while evolving data inconsistencies, applicants electronic documents are kept in the Portal archival database together with customer’s registration confirmations.

The system has a web interface for the data entry, viewing and modifying. The graphical interface of the portal forms is intuitive, minimal, and easy to use. The system has a modular structure and is flexible for further extending the portal functionality.

Information Portal Goals:

  • creating the state level databank for registering Internet resources, channels, and technical tools owned by the communication market participants of the Republic of Belarus
  • creating the platform for gathering the applicants information
  • transition to paper-free technology and automated information processing

Means of Goals Achievement:

  • creating a web-interface for applicants for information registering in the Portal database. Data authenticity is confirmed by electronic digital signatures
  • creating the mechanism for confirmation of the data received from applicants. The verified data is signed with the electronic digital signature of the authorized operators of the State Supervision for Telecommunication of the Republic of Belarus
  • generating the report on errors in the information, presented by the applicant
  • working with the electronic document on the screen and outputting to printer in the form, suitable for visual inspection
  • providing applicants with the access to their electronic documents according to access control privileges
  • keeping the history of the applicant’s data modifications
  • implementing the capability to search and view electronic documents stored in the Portal archive
  • generating data subsets requested by users according to the selected criteria
  • downloading the selected subset by users from government regulatory bodies

Actions Taken

To perform the work BelHard used its own cross-platform framework for business applications. PHP is used as the application server, Apache is used as the web-server, the operational data RDBMS is MySQL. Windows 2003 is used as the operational platform.

The base system was developed and implemented in three months.

The development process was divided into two steps according to customer’s priorities. First, the base system was designed and implemented including all the modules, necessary to launch the Portal and start registering users and providers. Then other options were added, such as submitting requests and viewing the received information, generating electronic digital signatures, and using cryptographical means for the user’s authentication. The modular structure of the framework supported nicely the given development process: new modules were added to the deployed system on the fly.

The customer had the cluster of six servers and the load balancer deployed at data processing center.

Results Achieved

The system is working well and is continuing to service applicants. The system has been used by more than 500 applicants who regularly provide the information about their clients, whose number is about 60,000.



State supervision for telecommunication of the Republic of Belarus


Apache, MySQL, BelHard`s own cross-platform framework for business applications, PHP, Windows 2003