How we work

  • Contact

    Contact us and provide us with the main information on the task which needs to be solved. Our account manager or service center will get in touch with you within 24 hrs and gather some additional information that is necessary for understanding your needs and requirements.

  • Commercial offer

    Within 3-7 days we will provide our proposal including our vision of the project, WBS, budget estimations, deadlines, suggested technologies, development process and other details. By signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) at the very beginning of our cooperation we ensure the safety of all the delivered information.

  • Personal meeting

    After reviewing our proposal, we arrange a meeting in our or on your territory, settle the final agreement and start working on your project!

Best Online Clients Service

BelHard values you and your time. We strive to deliver a prompt and high quality customer service to ensure your satisfaction and win your loyalty.

  • No waiting and delays
  • Modern equipment for ensuring effective communication with clients 24/7
  • Most questions are solved in one working day
  • Professional account managers speaking your language, English at least.

Guaranteed security and privacy

BelHard holds a leading position among other software development companies of Eastern Europe and in terms of effectiveness and reliability.

We guarantee:

  • Privacy of your information
  • Secure storage of your data according to the international security standards
  • Transparency of our work – no excessive or hidden charges
  • Optimal staff – you will get only the required number of employees for developing your project
  • High quality software development process using the advanced technologies

Our reputation is supported and can be proven by our loyal clients and partners.

Interaction model

Our collaboration with the client, based on the principles of mutual benefit, collaboration and honesty, includes three main steps:

  • Pre-project activities
    • meeting potential clients for clarifying the tasks and estimating the project implementation period
    • research and formalization of the tasks by our business analysts
    • drawing up a proposal with due consideration of the project peculiarities and alternative ways of its realization
  • Project realization
    • making and adjusting the requirements to the software, types of interaction and development process organization
    • executing the work defined by the project (designing, development, testing, maintenance, consulting, training)
    • providing the complete project documentation complying with the client’s requirements and software development industry standards
  • Post-project activities
    • consulting services on successful implementation of the software
    • maintenance activities and support

Project development methodologies

BelHard development methodologies are based on deep expertise in software development, outsourcing, technical consultancy, audit, and IT support.

We apply flexible solutions which allow using the most suitable standards, practices and technologies. Our employees have profound knowledge in modern development methodologies and have practical experience of applying them, namely:

  • Rational Unified Process (RUP) (BelHard applies general practices from RUP into its quality management system)
  • Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF) (BelHard makes use of various MSF practices with clients who prefer Microsoft .Net technology and already has expertise in MSF)
  • Waterfall model (this methodology is suitable for well-defined and structured projects with clear project goals)
  • Iterative model (iterative methodologies are used in for developing projects where the clients would like to control the project progress, but do not participate in regular development activities)
  • Agile (Scrum, FDD, XP) (Agile methodologies are used when product owners want to participate in daily development activities on regular basis)

Ways of cooperation

  • Fixed price

    The deadline and budget are approved beforehand. All development risks are assigned to BelHard.

  • Time & materials

    The budget is calculated in actual man hours and, in case of need, can be adjusted.

  • Dedicated team

    You get a professional team with the required qualification and take control over the project and budget. The budget is measured in man-months.

Approach to Software Development

BelHard has successfully completed about 1,000 software development projects for customers from all over the world applying various technologies, development methodologies and quality management practices. Our approach to software development can be easily presented with the diagram below:

Select delivery model
Select software development methodology
Customize software development life cycle
Customize project IT infrastructure

Software Delivery Models