BelHard Group held Workshop with participants from foreign IT Companies on the topic of NEW AIPSIN Cloud Solution

A workshop on a product line expert information retrieval system AIPSIN took place in Minsk.

AIPSIN has already become a unique solution in the field of public security and in the sphere of combating narcotic trafficking in particular. This product is widely used in the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Moldova, and, of course, in the Republic of Belarus. Now it’s high time to extend this hardware and software complex to different countries of Western Europe in the framework of the Eastern Partnership.
Unlike the previously developed product, NEW AIPSIN features a cloud solution, offering to stakeholders a renewed AIPSIN System as a cloud service.

The existing Partner’s list includes Adversitement BV (The Netherlands), APPLY SIA Intelligent Technologies (Latvia), BelHard Group (Belarus), CIB Software Company (Germany), Trento UNIVERSITY (Italy).

Let’s remember that last year AIPSIN demonstrated its effectiveness in spice substances identification, proving high quality standarts: