BelHard Group’s Robotics Laboratory announces two projects: a housework robot and exoskeleton

Belarusian student in close cooperation with adherents of the Robotics lab, BelHard Group, created a robot that can do any housework according to the instructions of the owner. Electronic machine named “Ultron” can sweep, dust and clean according to a command from a mobile device.
At present moment, together with Business Development Department of BelHard Group this developmental solution is offered to potential foreign investors as a prototype.

As it was mentioned by Alexander Dubovitsky, the robot is equipped with a large number of sensors, for instance, the dangerous gases sensor with a possibility to call for emergemcy.

Alexander also plans to “teach” the robot to speak; as for now, it is only able to listen and carry out some instructions.

The recent innovation has become a robotic hand. Using this hand, the robot can assist you remotely if you for example forgot to switch off your iron; all you need is to connect to the robot using your smartphone.

Alexander is a BelHard Group’s Robotics lab member and is engaged in a team of adult robot technicians, which possess their laboratory, provided by BelHard.

Currently they focus on a project codenamed exoskeleton. It is expected that this device will have a significant social impact. Using this device people who are confined to a wheelchair will have a chance to walk, which means removal of social barriers and retrieval of such people to the society.

Pavel Bulanov, a robot technician underlines, that this construction will help a person to stand on his/her own feet. The designed construction will be combined with a wheelchair and will allow a person to move about without assistance.

There is an ambition to present another devise this autumn in Poland. International competition RoboReys will be held there. BelHard Group’s Robotics lab team will present a car that is driven autonomously.