BelHard Group held business meeting with delegation from Japan in High-Technology Park

During a visit of a representative delegation of diplomats and businessmen from Japan to the High-Technology Park, a presentation of BelHard Group’s latest scientific and technical developments took place. Particular interest was given to the “GeosForce” solution, a brand-new system designed to provide short-term forecasts of earthquakes and tsunamis in a given area, as well as forecasts of floods and landslides caused by high seismic activity. Within a radius of 50 km from the location of the complex, the system allows to forecast occurrence of these events a few days before they start.
As it was mentioned by BelHard Group’s CEO Igor Mamonenko, “we provide software solutions for world-famous companies, including HP. We are proud of our participation in the creation of a banking software product, which was awarded the title of the best solution in the USA three times. As for now, we are investing money not only in software development, but in high-tech products as well. Currently, work upon 10 high-tech products is in progress, including the ones related to robotics and exoskeletons”.
Mr. Mamonenko added that BelHard Group requires investment with regard to these science-driven projects. “We expect to establish fruitful cooperation with Japanese partners”,- Mr. Mamonenko added. “We are able to offer interesting solutions, which can be used on a standard smartphone, where navigation will continue to work indoors just in the way it functions outdoors. This will be helpful for better navigation in airports, supermarkets, parking, etc. We also possess solutions in the field of alternative energy, which uses the energy of the light particles synthesis. To enter the market with these solutions as soon as it’s possible we need investors, technology partners and sales systems”.
Mr. Mamonenko underlined: “We are thankful to High-Technology Park for providing unique benefits, as well as for the fact that there has been established an ecosystem that helps the Park’s residents to expand their activities effectively in the process of the development of new market segments. It gathers people who previously didn’t have such opportunities to realize their ideas”.