BelHard Group participated in Belarusian-Chinese business forum

11-15, July, Minsk hosted Belarusian-Chinese business forum, coincide with the visit of Qinghai delegation (China), headed by Secretary of CPC Committee of the province, Mr. Luo Hueyninom. July, 14, 2015 BelCCI organized matchmaking within the forum, which was attended by over 200 Belarusian enterprises and companies representatives. BelHard Group also actively participated in the event. Thus, the main objective of its participation was to establish cooperation and business partnerships with companies from China, primarily related to ICT.
July, 14, negotiations were held with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of China to Belarus, Mr. Cui and Mr. Li Tsimin Hiasongom, chairman of the commission of Qinghai Province on the economy and information technologies, the deputy director of Bureau for investments and promote business development (Mr. Li Xiaosong, QingHai Economic and Information Technology Commission, Investment Promotion Bureau, Deputy Director). The aim of the talks was the promotion of innovative products designed by BelHard Group. In particular, “GeosForce” solution issue was touched. “GeosForce” solution is a brand-new system designed to provide short-term forecasts of earthquakes and tsunamis in a given area, as well as forecasts of floods and landslides caused by high seismic activity. Within a radius of 50 km from the location of the complex, the system allows to forecast occurrence of these events a few days before they start with 90% probability.
In addition, negotiations were held with representatives of the Qinghai Scientific and Technical Company “Fenge” and Qinghai electronic scientific and technical company “Kaypusun” regarding joint software development, production and maintenance of equipment and unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), as well as with Qinghai biotechnology company “Tsinhuabochzhun” regarding software development. In addition, the question on the perspective of a possible joint participation with the listed companies in the province of Qinghai in Chinese-Belarusian industrial park was raised.
Viktor Shkel, Business Development Director, Belhard Group, noted that “the Chinese party has shown significant interest in the hardware and software complex “GeosForce”. And if information on our proposal gets directly to the head of state of China, who is authorized for making responsible decisions, then this innovative product has prospects for implementation in the country. In future this solution could make it possible to prevent earthquakes and minimize their effects (a recent earthquake happened in Tibet Autonomous Region of China in April this year). Mr. Cui Tsimin, the Ambassador, perhaps will assist in favorable to both sides decision-making process, regarding this issue, and therefore BelHard Group’s management expresses hope that such assistance at the national level for the implementation of “GeosForce” in China will be made in the near future.