GPS that functions inside

Get directions inside the building via a single smartphone command is impossible? BelHard Group developed a technology for interior GPS-navigation.

A group of innovators n the sphere of high technologies have been working on this technology, which includes creation of antenna systems, transmitters, etc. Programs that pave and give voice prompts are actively used by the drivers. But the GPS and GLONASS satellites only work outdoors and they stop their work inside buildings.
The development of Belarusian specialists provides solution to this problem.

Igor Mamonenko, BelHard Group CEO underlines:
“It was a challenge, whether it is possible to make so that any person with his/her smartphone without any special equipment can continue to be guided inside the store, airport, parking, etc. At the moment the answer to this challenge is positive: our system is designed. The industrial designs have already been installed for the first time in the Hi-Tech Park in a center of creativity”.

Foreign customers have already expressed primary interest in the development.
The novelty was demonstrated at the forum of electronics developers in the Hi-Tech Park.