Cad/ Cam technology is a new approach in design and production which significantly shortens the product development cycle and in
creases the equipment accuracy which results in increased efficiency.
Would you like to have a competitive advantage over other players in the market?

BelHard has deep expertise in developing CAD/CAM/CAE solutions applied by companies in order to advance, refine and improve the quality of the production. One of the brightest advantages of our work is fast development cycle. We are ready to offer a perfect solution to your needs.

We provide the following services:

  • 3D solid/surface modeling
  • Migration of legacy applications to CAD system
  • Finite element modeling and analysis
  • Kinematics modeling and simulation
  • Software development reservoir simulation
  • Piping and electrical applications
  • Numerical control
  • QA-programminci
  • Customer applications

What do you get after implementing Cad/ Cam solutions?

  • faster product development cycle
  • improved production
  • lower production costs

BelHard has unique expertise in CAD/CAM and provides the complete set of services on the entire product development cycle from designing to production planning.

Why should you hire BelHard specialists?

  • we have deep expertise and enough experience in CAD/CAM
  • we strive for quality, perfection, and accuracy
  • we can solve your problem at a reasonable cost

We develop CAD/ CAM systems that can be further changed, customized, and improved if necessary. They will become your reliable partners for many years, which means saving costs on replacing the whole systems. Do you want to improve your business processes?