InterSystems Technologies development

BelHard is an IT company which comprises key factors of a prosperous software provider: professionalism gained over the years and creative, non-trivial approach to client’s business needs.

We are proud to be HP preferred partner and a technology partner of InterSystems Corporation as a world’s leading vendor of software for high-performance information systems. Our key expertise is MUMPS and Cache technologies and our team stays updated with the latest products and technologies available from InterSystems Corporation.

InterSystems Cache is a post-relational object database that provides unlimited possibilities for web development and client-server application development. Cache is designed for handling transactions in the systems with big databases and practically unlimited number of users working simultaneously.

Cache advantages:

  • High performance, unlimited scalability, failure tolerance, and reliability
  • Real time data analysis
  • Flexibility and power for quick application development, migration, and deployment
  • Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux, OpenVMS and Mac OS X platform support

All these possibilities are combined in one product having complete and easy-to-use development environment which allows to develop multi-functional applications at the earliest possible date.

Our expertise in MUMPS and Cache technology is our competitive advantage over other software development companies. Database systems designed by BelHard let our clients improve their performance and get ahead of their competitors.

Database development process provided by BelHard involves the following stages:

  • Resource planning including development team arrangement and scheduling timelines
  • Software requirements analysis particularly the analysis of business processes and preparation of detailed specifications
  • Designing the initial prototype for the client’s review
  • Developing the database system
  • Testing components and integrated system
  • Preparing final deliverables
  • Providing technical support & documentation on the final deliverables

Supported standards and technologies:

Web standards

  • HTML4/5,CSS2/3,Javascript
  • SOAP 1.1 and 1.2, XML, XSD, XSLT, XPath

Cache is delivered for most platforms, including

  • Windows Server
  • Linux

Supported web services

  • Apache HTTP Server
  • Microsoft IIS

Application development technologies

  • Java, C#, Caché, CSP, Zen